London Essentials

Hello!!! Today I’m particularly happy because tomorrow I’m flying to London on a little trip with my bestie Mireia. We both have been there before but there’s something about this city that makes us want to live in there despite the rain. That’s why we decided to go back and continue to explore the busy streets of the beautiful London. Since I’m going to travel I thought that it would be nice to show you the things I’m going to take with me.


Beanie: Love this one from Oysho, it’s super cute and perfect to warm your ears.

Umbrella: Of course I’ll need this, there’s no explanation. London = rain. Mine is from M&P.

Oxford jumper: I bought this one some years ago in Oxford (you could see that coming). I loved this jumper because it was different from all the jumpers everyone was buying from there and it has no hoodie which is a plus because I never really use it.

Socks: coziness from Primark to warm my tired feet after a long day walking.

Photo camera: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 in yellow to capture memories.

Sunnies: Vintage Ray-Ban from my mum.

Lip balm: to mosturize my dry lips. The Body Shop in Pink Grapefruit.


Purse: love my purse from Pierre Cardin. I bought it in the sales years ago and since then I’ve never stopped using it.

Book: I haven’t read this book yet, but just looking at the cover I know I’ll love it. The author is from Spain so I think there’s no translation yet. I leave you here the link in case you are interested. Deseo de Chocolate, Care Santos.

Happy weekend!!

P.S. Yes, you can expect London posts coming very soon.




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