London Essentials

Hello!!! Today I’m particularly happy because tomorrow I’m flying to London on a little trip with my bestie Mireia. We both have been there before but there’s something about this city that makes us want to live in there despite the rain. That’s why we decided to go back and continue to explore the busy streets of … More London Essentials

Day at the Beach

Here is the thing, last week I finished my finals. You will tell me: Oh lucky you, now you have four weeks to do whatever you want!! Okay, yes, I consider myself lucky to have that many holidays between semesters. And in fact, I was looking forward to them. But when the time arrived I somehow began to feel … More Day at the Beach

January Playlist

It’s Sunday morning and even though the sun is shining bright, you know it’s cold outside. Yes, lucky you, you are in your pyjamas, under a blanket, wearing cozy gingerbread socks and your mind is having an argument discussing the pros and cons of getting up. Finally you decide to make the most of such … More January Playlist

Stan Smith

Classic never goes out of fashion and what is better than the all time classic Stan Smith Adidas to prove it? It seems that this year they are back and I hope they are coming to stay. White, plain, with three parallel perforated lines and a subtle touch of colour. Perfect to combine with jeans … More Stan Smith

Mango Smoothie

Here I give you an idea on how to do a delicious smoothie (honestly one of the best smoothies that I’ve ever tried). It’s sad that we usually don’t have the right time to prepare and enjoy our breakfast properly. But today is Sunday, so there is no excuse to start the day in a good way. Let’s … More Mango Smoothie

Fred & Phil

Last week I was attempting to study and whilst I was staring an imaginary fly… BOOM! Suddenly I needed a CACTUS. *Am I the only one who while studying has a thousand ideas and none of them have nothing to do with the study itself?* So, when I finished my exams I was too excited … More Fred & Phil